Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Potato and Leek Soup


1 sliced leek (only white part),
1 tbsp oil,
3 flakes of garlic,
½ tsp cumin powder,
½ kilo of potatoes,
2 Maggi chicken cubes,
Salt and pepper to taste,
1 cup milk


Boil, peel and dice the potatoes.

Heat the oil and add about a table spoon of the sliced leeks and fry till they turn golden brown in colour. Remove and keep aside for the garnish.

In the same hot oil add the remaining leek and garlic and fry till they turn pink. Now add the cumin powder and fry for another two minutes.

In the meanwhile add the Maggi chicken cubes to about half a litre of water. Add the potatoes and this liquid to the fried leeks and cook till the leeks are tender. Let cool.

Once cool, puree it. Return to heat and season with salt and pepper. Stir in the milk and cook till it reaches the desired consistency.

Serve hot garnished with the reserved fried leeks.