Friday, 15 November 2013

Golden Treasure

I think I had written down this recipe from a magazine not less than 10-12 years back. Finally I got down to actually making it on my 7th wedding kuch meetha was a must that day :-).


1 litre full fat milk,
2 tbsps milk,
3 medium sized potatoes,
2-3 slices of white bread (sides trimmed),
50 grams of mawa,
10 cashews,
10 raisins,
5-6 almonds,
5-6 pistachios,
100 grams sugar (or as per your preference),
25 grams castor sugar,
1 tsp powdered green cardamom seeds,
Oil for deep frying


Boil the milk and cook till it reduces to half its volume. Add the sugar and ½ tsp of the green cardamom seed powder. Keep aside to cool.

Boil and mash potatoes. Soak the white bread slices in the 2 tbsps of milk for about 2 minutes and squeeze out the excess milk. Mix this in with the boiled potato and make a dough like mixture.

Chop the cashews and raisins. Slice the almonds and pistachios.

Roast the mawa till it turns light brown in colour. Switch off the heat and add the chopped cashews and raisins and the remaining cardamom powder. Mix well. Divide this mixture into 9 portions.

Divide the potato-bread mixture into 9 balls. Flatten each ball and form a cup shape and place a portion of the mawa filling in the centre. Get all the edges together and make a round ball. Make all the balls and refrigerate it for half an hour.

Heat oil for deep frying and add the potato balls in batches and fry till it turns golden brown.

Add these fried balls into the reduced milk mixture and let it stand for about half an hour before serving.

Serve chilled garnished with the sliced almonds and pistachios.