Thursday, 17 July 2014

Cheese Garlic Bread

I made this bread quite sometime back. The more bread I make, the more my fear of yeast dwindles.

It is not such a frightful thing after all! This bread turned out pretty well, if I may say so myself. It had a nice cheesy crust and a soft garlicky center. We had it just like this but it could be teamed with a nice soup or stew too.


2 tbsp warm water,
1 tbsp dry active yeast,
2 tsp sugar,
250 grams refined flour,
Salt to taste,
3 tbsps finely chopped garlic,
5 tbsps grated cheese,
1 egg


Mix the warm water, yeast and sugar in a bowl and let it stand till it becomes frothy.

Sieve the flour and add the salt and the yeast mixture. Knead it till you get a smooth pliable dough.

Cover with a damp cloth and let it stand till it doubles in size.

Knead again and add the chopped garlic and half the cheese.

Grease a baking tray. Divide the dough into four portions and shape them into flat balls and place them on the baking tray.

You can also shape them as an oval or any other shape.

Sprinkle the cheese on top and leave it till they again double in size.

Beat the egg well. Brush this on top of the bread.

Preheat the oven at 225oC. Bake for 30 minutes. It should be golden brown by this time.

Cool on a wire rack and serve either just like that or with a soup or stew.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Chicken Rezala

Both me and my hubby like our meat and fish to be on the spicier side, so this is not something I would make again if it just me and he at meal time. But this was absolutely loved by my father who likes milder food and my niece and nephew…they just lapped it up.

I must admit it is an absolutely flavoursome (though subtle) chicken dish, a classic from Bengal. This is the first time I actually made it, have seen it on the menu of a Muslim Bengali restaurant – Lazeez we frequent in Bangalore. Though we never tried it there, as we tend to order a couple of staples there always.

So this is definitely something you can try if you have to serve kids or guests who like to go easy on the chillies.

Some recipes use just some green chillies and some white pepper…but I have used black pepper and red chilli powder too.

Now for the recipe…


1 kilo of chicken pieces with bone,
2 cups of yoghurt,
2 cups of onion paste,
2 tbsps ginger-garlic paste,
2 tbsps dry coconut/dessicated coconut,
2 tbsps cashews,
2 tbps poppy seeds,
3 bay leaves,
4 cloves,
4 green cardamoms,
2 one-inch pieces of cinnamon,
2 pieces of mace,
A pinch of powdered nutmeg,
2 tsp red chilli powder,
1 tsp kewra water,
1 tsp black pepper powder,
4 green chillies,
1 tbsp powdered coriander,
4 dry red chillies,
4 tbsps ghee,
Salt to taste,
A pinch of sugar


Wash and drain the chicken.

Grind the cashews, poppy seeds and dry coconut into a fine paste. Mix this with the onion paste, ginger-garlic paste, salt, sugar, chilli powder, chopped green chillies, powdered coriander and crushed black pepper to form the marinade.

Marinate the chicken in this marinade for at least an hour.

Heat ghee and add the halved red chillies. Once they change colour, remove two of the red chillies and keep aside for the garnish. Now add all the remaining whole spices and after a few seconds all the chicken with the marinade.

Fry for sometime till the chicken pieces change colour. Now add water and mix well. When it comes to a boil, lower the heat and let it simmer on a low heat till done.

Turn off the heat and drizzle the kewra water.

Serve garnished with the reserved red chillies. This goes well with some plain pulao, parathas and it is also often served with biriyani.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Peanut Butter Muffins

I like peanut flavour in both sweet and savoury items. So I was pretty excited to try out this recipe as it promised to full of a robust peanuty flavour and so it was. A must try for all who love things peanut. 


1 cup refined flour,
½ cup whole wheat flour,
½ tsp salt,
2 tsp baking powder,
¼ cup butter,
½ cup powdered sugar,
2 eggs,
1 cup milk,
1 tsp vanilla extract,
½ cup chunky peanut butter (you can also use the plain one),


Sift the refined flour, wheat flour, salt and the baking powder into a mixing bowl.

Add the butter and the peanut butter and and mix well with a spoon till the mixture resembles bread crumbs.

Now add the powdered sugar, eggs, milk and vanilla extract. Mix well.

Pour this into muffin trays lined with paper cups.

Preheat the oven at 180oC for 10 minutes. Bake in the preheated oven for about 20 mins.

If you wish you can also omit the refined flour completely and use only whole wheat flour.

The proportions here will make about 12 muffins.