Tuesday, 6 March 2012

My First Post – A Sweet Beginning – Tutti Fruti Cake

This is my first post. My hubby has been egging me on since a very long time to start blogging…so I have finally started … and what better than a food blog for a foodie and when better than when I am on a sabbatical from work.

I have named this blog ‘Everyday and Not So Everyday’ as I will be posting everyday recipes which I make every other day, which I have seen my mother and mother-in-law making every day as well as ‘not so everyday’ recipes for which you will have to perhaps run down to the grocery store or the gourmet store for ingredients.

My first post is a recipe for Tutti Fruti Cake.

I had noted this recipe in a diary long ago when we didn’t even have an oven at home and it was noted with a hope that some day I would own an oven. So some days back I fished out this recipe from a yellowing crumbling page and absolutely delighted my hubby and father with the outcome. So here goes the recipe…


400 grams refined flour,
200 grams ground sugar,
100 grams tutti fruiti (easily available in grocery stores)
100 grams mawa or khoya,
5 eggs,
50 grams milk powder,
40 grams custard powder (vanilla flavour),
5 grams powdered green cardamom seeds + nutmeg + mace,
10 grams baking powder,
A few drops butterscotch essence,
240 grams softened margarine or butter


Blend the softened margarine, ground sugar, milk powder and custard powder in a blender. Gradually add the eggs, mawa and baking powder and blend again.

Take the refined flour in a big mixing bowl and fold in the wet ingredients and beat well together till well blended. Lastly, fold in the tutti fruiti, nutmeg + green cardamom seeds + mace powder and butter scotch essence.

Grease and flour a cake tin and pour in the batter. Preheat the oven for 10 mins at 190o C for 40 to 45 mins. Let cool and slice.