Thursday, 11 July 2013

Gits Ready Meals Review – Prepare to be Pleasantly Surprised

First things first...I must confess I really did not expect to receive anything when I updated my address details with the Food Bloggers Association, India. And since nothing came in the mail for quite a couple of weeks, I actually forgot about it. Then the other day hubby came home with a courier packet asking ‘Bibi, tumne kuch mangaya hain kya?’ and lo and behold it was a pack from the FBAI of Gits Ready Meals – Dal Makhani and Vegetable Biriyani.

Now I am not one who goes for readymade stuff, not for me the bottled ginger-garlic paste, pasta sauce from a bottle or even teriyaki sauce. I even like to make my own sambar masala and garam masala at home. So definitely you wouldn’t find me picking up a ready meal pack from a super market aisle.

So here I was with this twin pack of Gits Dal Makhani and Veg Biriyani. I found myself wondering if I could gift it to someone or also wondering how I would use it up. I have sampled ready meals twice in the past, once out of curiosity and the second time when I had to travel to France on work (both times a different brand not Gits) and boy was I disappointed and let down with the taste. Hence the scepticism with Gits too...

Soon enough one evening immersed in work I found I hadn’t cooked dinner and the clock was already ticking 9, so we thought chalo ye packet pada hain isse try kar lete hain!

But I must say I was pleasantly surprised, it was really tasty to say the least. The flavours were really fresh and authentic. My hubby actually mentioned that the dal makhani is exactly like you get in some Delhi restaurants. The rice was fragrant and long grained.

You can easily serve it to your mother-in-law and she wouldn’t know that it is not cooked in your own kitchen. I now know what I will do when I don’t have time to cook and don’t feel like ordering food or going out to a restaurant. Am actually quite eager to try their other products.

Good job Gits...I will definitely recommend this to my friends and family. Only one thing I think they should think about making larger packs. The veg biriyani was just one serving, packs of 2-3 servings would be helpful.

I quite enjoyed doing this review for Gits....would love to do more of food reviews.